An assortment of 24 fruits, emptied and filled with ice cream derived from its pulp. Product 100% NATURAL and 100% MADE IN ITALY

The richness of simplicity: water, selected fresh fruit, sugar and many grams of fantasy in adding each time unusual ingredients to create a new, fresh and unforgettable flavor.

Matteo, founder of the gelateria, was driven by passion and endless creativity, which always led him to experiment, by inventing new ice cream flavors, which at first were unimaginable to the masses, but then got worldwide reknown and appreciated.

Matteo’s ice cream in its classic flavors is always original; tradition tastes like innovation, as a result of experience and research, selection and combination of fresh and genuine typical ingredients.

The brand new line created in 2017 makes our ice cream more creamy and spatolable, keeping the taste and flavor of a time.