Antica Gelateria Matteo is an important exam­ple of economie development in its territory. The company has maintained and developed the craft tradition of its founder in its selection of raw materials, quality of fresh fruit and its production techniques, all of which enable it to offer a natural product with a genuine taste. Through the course of time, it has developed the characteristics of a dynamic modern company, capable of responding to an ever-changing mar­ket’s needs and increasing demand, especially with regard to the EC in terms of food safety, by adopting compliances concerning consumer health preservation.


Uniquely carrying forward its combination of tradition and innovation, the company has grown by blending quality with the craftsmanship of its products, originality and experimentation. Nowadays, Antica Gelateria Matteo is driven by its new, enterprising and dynamic generation, which has made Matteo ice creams both recognised and appreciated worldwide, after being enjoyed by celebrities and international authorities, winning competitions and also receiving numerous awards.


Antica Gelateria Matteo keeps its eyes on the future, as a company in constant evolution, and is committed to a path of growth and constant innovation, training of personnel, modernisation of its production lines and management tools, in arder to make itself increasingly more attentive to consumer and environmental needs, improving the quality of its products and services and products, while continuing its search for genuine and authentic flavours.